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Saturday, 24 January 2009 21:10

My Board membership

        My name is Nelson Kull.  I am a chronic-paranoid schizophrenic and proud of it as was my mother before me. She was a better mom than yours, although I cannot prove it because she is deceased.  My mother taught me that the best way to find stigma is to live a good life and be kind to others.

        My mom taught me how to live with this illness by avoiding alcohol, illegal drugs and unhealthily living.  She even taught to have a sense of humor when explaining past mistakes and making amends.  She taught me that mental illness was like any other illness and the sensible thing was for the family to come together to help each other not fight and blame one another.

        It was her teachings that led me to help found Pathways Drop-In, Inc. 12 years ago.  I am CEO and chief grant writer and fundraiser for Pathways.  We have broadband Internet access, cable TV, laundry machines, showers, clothes and food for the homeless mentally ill and all our members.  Pathways has a policy that our members deserve whatever middle class Americans have.  That means broadband and desirable food, clean clothes etc.  We serve more people more cost effectively than any other organization in Florida.  We now own our building including seven low cost housing units.  Our units rent for $200 a month and will soon include cable TV and access to a donated personal computer for each unit.  We currently are spending $100,000 in renovation grants to upgrade the units.

        I have been Chair of the NAMI Florida Consumer Council for the past 2 years, serve on the Board of the Mental Health Association of Central Florida and have served on the Board of the Advocacy Center for Persons with Disabilities since 2001.  

        I believe that all my successes are directly reliant on access to modern medications.  I have been very sick and am dependent on the medical community.  I am grateful that I am well enough to realize that. I am also grateful that I was Baker Acted to a locked ward last winter.  I wish now that someone had done it much earlier.  I may have permanently lost some functionality due to the delay.  There is no one to blame.  It is time to move on with the new limitations.

        I want to be a NAMI Board member because it is a family and consumer run organization that does not have to bend with every politically correct wind.   We know what our people need and what works and we are going to fight for it no matter what.  We can dare I say it?  Tell the truth.  We are the ultimate
human rights advocates.



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