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Talking to The Doctor

 What are some things to find out from the doctor?


√    What dosage(s) of medication should be taken, at what time(s) of day, and what to do if you forget to take your medication.


√    How to change your dosage, if this needs to be done before your next visit.


√    The possible side effects of your medication(s) and what you should do if you experience a side effect that bothers you.


√    How you can reach your doctor in an emergency.


√    How long it will take to feel better and what type of improvement you should expect.


√    The risks associated with your treatment and how you can recognize problems when they happen.


√    What you can do if your current medication isn't helpful - what your next step will be.


√    If your medication needs to be stopped for any reason, how you should go about it. (Never stop taking your medication without first talking to your doctor.)


√    If psychotherapy is recommended as part of your treatment.


√    If there are things you can do to improve your response to treatment such as changing your diet, physical activity or sleep patterns.


From DBSA - Finding Peace of Mind